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Most often people seek therapy when they run into problems in life with their kids, family, friends, and many other situations. Its helps knowing that you have someone there to talk to that will give you a third party perspective on any situation. Not only that, but we often can seek out future problems by developing a relationship that offers support or a backbone to anyones lifestyle.  When you find yourself in need of a professional therapist in San Jose, or surrounding areas, make the call to our office and schedule an appointment.

Rosalind Cardia is a licensed therapist with many years of experience and knowledge. By developing a good relationship with her clients, Rosalind has a better time progressing noticing better changes. Therapy should never feel as if you are talking to a wall. We admire progression and believe that anyone has the ability to change and find new and exciting happiness in their lives. For more information on a marriage therapist or therapist in San Jose, call 408-608-8007.

Email: Rosalind@RosalindCardiaMFT.com